About us

How to Become a Leader?

How Does a Team Work?

How to Get Rid of Fears and Inner Limitations?

E&T Business Trainings and Coaching is the union of a human and a horse, which helps to answer all the above-mentioned questions as well as many others concerning personal growth and development in both corporate and individual formats.


The goal of “E&T Business Trainings and Coaching” is to show people that being a successful leader and a valuable team player is natural and easy; it is inherent / embeded in human nature. Horses help to get back to oneself, and gain confidence to balance the relations with the surrounging world.


Horse Assisted Education (HAE), is an empiric experience which engages the limbic system of the brain, and allows participants not only to get the knowlege, but to apply this knowledge here and now. This unique experience facilitates successful reinforcement of new skills and gives long-term positive results.



HorseDream® is a licensed method of training with the help of horses. Unique HorseDream® Business Trainings are run in Kazakhstan since March 2015 and aimed at training leadership, teambuilding, operational efficiency, implementation of change management, cross-cultural management and personal growth.