Yevgeniya Goncharova
Business trainer,
Personal Growth Coach
Mob.: +7 701 875-11-14

Business Training and Coaching Sessions with Horses take place at the Equestrian Club “Chamberlain” which is situated in the the picturesque Tyan Shan foothill in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


The following natural methods are used for horse keeping: “Paddock Paradise” – horses live in a herd, on specially-equipped areas, which are called Paddocks. The horse living conditions are very close to the natural ones, horses can lead the life of a heard, communictate with each other, have their own social structure, hierarchy and relationships. All these keeps horses emotionally and physically stable, makes their life safe, balanced and natural.


Natural Horsemanship – horses are not shoed and other “iron” (bits, curb-bits, spurs) is not used during horse riding lessons. Horses are not being abused by humans; they do not participate in the traditional equestrian sports or national horse game like baiga. Working with horses and their physical and mental training is carried out on the basis of International systems that have proven their effectiveness in equestrian communities around the world which follow the humane treatment of horses.