HorseDream GMBH.

EAHAE International (Former European) Association for Horse Assisted Education.

HorseDream GMBH — located in Germany, works world wide, founded in 1996 by Gerhard and KarrinKrebs.

EAHAE International (Former European) Association for Horse Assisted Education – established in August 2004.

G&K Krebs

Gerhard Krebs, born in 1949, has a master degree in German Literature and Politology.  Gerhard has been an entrepreneur since 1983, started his career from IT trainings in 1986 and later in 1996 he and his wife founded G&K HorseDream GMBH.


HorseDream is in the first place a method where horse is a teacher, a mentor, a mirror and a coach who helps to develop your personality. “Horse” represents /stands for freedom, strength and inner knowledge.

“Dream” represents /stands for harmony, success, and possibility to bring happiness to yourself and your nearest and dearest. Everyday horses and trainers around the world apply the HorseDream method which makes people find energy to improve their lives.

Gerhard Krebs established European Association for Horse Assisted Education in 2004, which later became International. The Assosiation supports all members through media services, certifying members, holding conferences, trainings and coaching. This platform allows each member to promote his/her ideas and business in the area of horse assited education.

All memebers of the organization share common values: trust, care and cooperation; no rivalry. For the members of the Assosiation horses are not tools, but trainers.