Coaches training based on HorseDream® method

Coaches training in Almaty (Kazakhstan) has had a great success. On my behalf, in a position of commissary of European Assosiation for Horse Assisted Education, I am pleased to inform: trainers, horses and fascinating horse club «Chamberlain» are ready to provide equestrian business trainings on a high professional level. Congratulations to participants on getting the right to provide education of HorseDream method! I recommend this horse club to clients for professional and personal development, corporate trainings on leadership and team building.

«Open-hearted leadership» training

I discovered an amazing place of soul comfort and outstanding love to animals, as well as fascinating method of developing leadership skills.

You may read about this unique method and see the photos following this link, while I am sharing my emotions.

The 3d of January 2016 has become an exceptional day for us, and not only because of the blue-blue sky and warm sunny weather on that day. We got to know Tai that day.

Tai – is a good-looker, 950 kilos, dark-haired, blond in some places, the soul of the universe.

Happiness is when you stay next to him, look in his eyes and pat a little. And he was our Master – it takes no words to share this feeling.

Yevgeniya Goncharova, instructor and coach, started the team building training with safety instructions, although we were to do only 2 exercises. She is a professional who creates atmosphere to be aware of yourself.

I chose the role of observer and writer as it was a pre-commercial project.

First exercise – team work: you were supposed to lead the horse through 4 corners with only 1 condition – each team member should take part; how it is done, who goes first or all together – that did not matter. I immediately got the idea of how to do it, and if i were on this team, i would force my idea as “the only right decision”. After the second exercise, when again I got “the only right decision”, I was happy to realize that I was in the role of observer, because I understood that there was no “the only right decision”, it did not matter at all; for all my life I had been thinking this way, I got angry with people and was always offended.

Exercise with ribbons as team building: you were supposed to go from point A to point B so that one person would lead Tai ahead, another one would ride him and hold 2 ribbons in the left and right hand, 2 other blindfolded people were supposed to hold these ribbons from both side of Tai… I was about to help them and explain how to do it right, but again I ended up thinking that I wanted to have one right solution to that, so I was happy to observe again. I realized that it was important to hear and remember that you can trust yourself, other members, Tai; not to think about what you can or can not do, what is right and what is wrong. The path from A to B appeared to be short, and I couldn’t hold myself from asking the instructor Yevgeniya, let all people try all the roles; we were allowed to do that, but nobody wanted to say goodbye.


We were also given an opportunity to participate in a coach-session on a goal achieving or problem solving.

During safety instructions and descriptions on what we were going to do, Yevgeniya said that we were required to tell only the truth about ourselves during coach-session. I said out loud joking: «Now we give up».

But after 2 exercises for team building, it was easy to tell the truth. Yevgeniya gave us an indian figure of horse by Indian custom, so everyone was holding this figure while talking, and nobody interrupted at that time.

After that there was a task for those who was working with Tai (Yeldes was chosen); you had to use his voice (without a lead rope) and a thin stick with ribbons on the ends without using hands to go a full-circle with Tai, and then to walk away a little bit and ask Tai to come up. Others had to watch it and think about their dreams. Surprisingly, Tai stood motionless, Yeldes was trying to convince Tai to go with him, so Tai unwillingly went a small circle with Yeldes. When Yeldes stepped aside a little bit and called Tai, Tai turned away. I remembered that you had to concentrate on your wish, and I was stairing at Tai and questioning myself why Tai was not going, and I suddenly felt that I was getting answered inside of me; at that moment it dawned on Yeldes and he came up to Tai, said something to Tai and Tai started following Yeldes as a faithful friend.

Unfortunately, we were not able to repeat this coach session with everyone in the group, because Tai got too exhausted. But the feeling that I and Yeldes experienced – can no be expressed in words – you should live it up yourself – it is harmony, unity with nature, finding your true self, true happiness.

From now on we only talk about full team building course and especially individual coach-sessions.

Horses do not care what you wear, whether you are rich or poor, kind or mean, righteous man or criminal – these are all masks, that lie only to you; but horses do not mind it, do not judge, they see true you – whether you are in harmony with yourself or not, and if not – they avoid you. The truth – who we are in reality – is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Coaches training with HorseDream® method

For the 15 years of my professional experience with horses I did not expect, that so «simple» work of horses will surprise me. They were not required to do any spectacular moves or tricks, because we prepared horses for people who are might touching them for the first time. Surely, working with horses for me is discoveries every day, however, such intellectual burden and our high demands for horses – leaves an imprint on our profession. Sometimes we – the equestrians – consider the horses as a tool, forgetting why we came to a horse one day for the first time. Here I would like to mention in order not to scare you by the “horse as a tool” words: What I mean is that we know many tricks and methods of working with horses and it is hard sometimes for us to start thinking as a beginner. We, as horses psychologists, try to approach it academically, getting into the process of personal development of the horse. That is why this training touched me emotionally: It recalled the moment from my childhood when I was admiring the horses, their manes; I adored their smell and I did not want to wash my hands after being in a horse barn till the evening. I noticed how turquoise hackamore fitted my horses; how they communicated with new people, reacted in a different way. From that moment I’ve been trying not to live in a hurry.

Horse assisted session

About miracles and my working with goals with the help of horse. I would like to tell how I did a coach-session (when you want something to be improved in your life) with a horse. First, I would like to thank  my coach, Yevgeniya Goncharova, for the opportunity to make friends with Tai and find the asnwers to my questions.=)

How it all looks like:

In this process the horse is your mirror. Actually, the horse is always a reflection of whom it works with. It happens because the horse never judges, it just reflects your inner being.

There can be a situation, when you are talking about something important to you, but the horse turns from you and walk away. It is not because it’s not important, it may be because you are not sure if you really need it, whether you do the right thing.

You might think what is right and what you need, but deep inside you doubt about it. Sometimes you are not aware of your doubts or afraid of admitting them. But the horse feels it and brings it to light. In such cases people react either aggressively or start contemplating about that. That is the question of personal acceptance.

All in all, it is a miracle, when the animal feels you so well and reflects your inner world!

We came to the barn on time. It was a beautiful place, with a great city view, 15 minute-ride from the downtown. Fresh air, wilderness, like in a good movie – clean and accurate. As we were mentioned after, everything was made by European standards.

There were 4 people including myself. After a while, we were waiting for our coach – gelt horse Tai, the British Shire. I’d seen some pictures of him before, and I’d been impressed by his size. After having seen him face to face, I realized that it was a real draft horse.

Good-looking, confident – the king of the horses. I’m sure you saw such horses live or on TV. You might remember the movie “Alexander”, when the horse and the elephant reared up. Tai was like that horse in the movie. He came up slowly and stopped near us, having felt our kind vibrations.

The mini training started from the exercise of walking the horse a full-circle, holding the rein. I wasn the only boy in the group, so I was lucky to start first. Having taken the rein, I was waiting next to Tai; I felt confidence from his side. He shared the energy with me; after 10-15 steps I got used to his communion and finished the exercise. Everybody did a great job on this task.

Second task was a little harder. We were supposed to walk Tai from point A to point B. Everyone had a role. One person would lead Tai ahead, another one would ride him and hold 2 ribbons in the left and right hand, 2 other blindfolded people were supposed to hold these ribbons from both side of Tai. Just imagine how it feels like to walk blindfolded near the horse and to be afraid of putting your leg under the horse. During this task we had to work together, coordinate those who walk blindfolded and regulate the speed. Everybody liked this task and had a lot of fun. We did it several times changing the roles.

I was the only participant in the last exercise. Everybody else was observing. The point was to say out loud your requests concerning your personal changes. And to do some exercises with Tai. Somebody was telling about having felt true happiness, others about gettng rid of fears. As you may know, there are no limits in your requests. I also talked about some of my wishes. So here I am standing alone with Tai holding a one-meter rod. I had to walk the horse a full-circle, but standing in the middle myself. I was prohibited to beat Tai with the rod. In the beginning, it felt a little tensed, the horse wasn’t willing to walk, even though I was asking him to do it. Everybody saw that I couldn’t do it. You might know this feeling, when you are in the limelight and something goes wrong. After a while, I decided to leave the rod and came up to Tai with my palms opened, I said that we are the same with him, patted his neck, started singing a song by one Russian band – “Only me and my horse walking in the field…” and the horse started moving. I was so released. We were both walking with our heads up high. I said to him: «One more circle and that’s it». He did what I asked and stopped.

Next exercise was to call the horse to come up to you. And if he comes up, it means everything that I’m wishing about will come true. After 5 minutes the horse did not move, my kind words did not work. I asked out loud: may it be bacause I said it would be the last circle and I did not keep my promise? Instead, he let me understand that i was trying to justify. Having thought, for a little while, I came up to Tai from the other side. I did not know why, but I said: “It seems to me I know why I can’t do some things, it is because of…(here I said the reason, which in my opinion was slowing me down in my goals achieving, although I haven’t accepted this reason before) and I promise to you Tai, I will never …”. And right after my words Tai started walking easily as if he was waiting for these words. I was on cloud nine, so I couldn’t hold it inside. Right after we finished walking, I shared my feelings. My emotions were video recorded. If somebody wants to see it, I can send it to you. Tai helped me understand the reason of my stumbling and made me more confident. Honestly speaking, I can’t tell everything as it was in details, so I wish you, dear reader, to get the same experience and emotions, that I’ve gotten and felt. Believe that miracles happen!

Evgeniya Goncharova once again thank you for an incredible day. It was an exciting activity which I really enjoyed.

Dear all, if you ever had an interest in helping yourself through coaching, don’t miss this opportunity to try new and exciting exercise.

Maybe this joy is due to wonderful teammates with whom we built an immediate trust and collaboration.

And excitement working with horse, an incredible creature, which is showing a compassion.

The only thing I recommend come to embrace the nature with an open mind, then you will see an effect.