Coaching – is a process of interaction between a coach (mentor) and a client, during which coach helps client to go through his/her goals beyond the usual perception of things, to find and to improve his/her supportive environment, create an action plan and implement it. The entire coaching process is based on open questions and certain coaching tools, which are aimed at the disclosure of the client’s internal capacity and elimination of contradictory factors.

My specialization in coaching is working with the fears and internal constraints. I work in the “life coaching” format: coaching of relationship, personal growth and development, overcoming the barriers, goal-setting and much more, which directly impacts your personal life, success and growth.

Organizational moments:

  • When: coach-sessions are held at any time of the year.
  • Duration: 1 coach-session is 30-60 minutes.
  • Where: /Venue: venue is discussed with a client at signing the Contract.
  • Types: Traditional coach-sessions and horse assisted sessions are available.