Leadership with a good heart

What does it mean / How does it feel to be a leader with a good heart? How to lead a team that has faith in you and trusts you? How to develop the qualities that will unite people around you?

This training combines business trainings “Leadership” and “Team Building with Horses”. We use it for open business trainings, and  it involves the elaboration of deep personal human aspects, and teaches flexibility, gentleness and confidence. The training develops the qualities of a team player as well as a leader.

Leadership with a Good Heart is designed for those who want to learn from horses to develop leadership and team player skills in one day. It shows the emotional aspects of successful leadership in the team such as: participation, responsibility, compassion and respect.

What it gives:


  • Practical skill of how to be a responsible leader.
  • Ability to be an effective team player
  • Knowledge that a succesfull leader is also a successful / good team player.

Organizational moments:


  • When: coach-sessions are held at any time of the year.
  • Where: /Venue: stables
  • How: theory and practice with horses.
  • Duration: 1 day.
  • For: Groups from 15 up to 35 people.