The Art of Leadership

«To be Led» – means to follow voluntarily. In its most pronounced form it should ensure the independence and willingness to take risks in moving forward in the direction the leader indicates.

“To be Led” means to follow somebody you trust; you are independt and ready to risk in order to move forward where the leader shows / leads.

How to become such a leader who is followed by the team with enthusiasm and pleasure?

Leadership Training answers this question. Horses observe our authentic personality without masks; they communicate directly with your inner self. They do no accept falsehood / They are beyond your falsehood. This training is aimed at your personal development as a leader: whether you want to grow as a leader in a team, or you prefer to work alone, and / or become a leader of your own life /to take responsibility over your own life.

What it gives:

  • Understanding of existing leadership styles and which style is the most suitable for you; you will be also able to compare it to traditional and commonplace approaches in leadership theories.
  • Possibility to try stable, efficient and flexible leadership styles.
  • Use the learned knowledge in real-time.
  • Tools for leading a team more effectively.
  • Clear vision of effective leadership.
  • Flexibility and confidence in using different leadership positions depending on situation.

Organizational moments:

  • When: coach-sessions are held at any time of the year.
  • Where: /Venue: stables
  • How: theory and practice with horses.
  • Duration: 1 day.
  • For: Groups from 5 up to 12 people.